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A horrible thing happened the other day. I stepped on the scales and I’ve put on half a stone. Somehow, those sneaky little 7 pounds  have crept their way onto my hips, thighs and bum over the last 4 months. I know why it’s happened. I started working in an office after travelling around South America earlier this year and I’ve turned into a lazy slob.

Whilst travelling, I lost a fair few pounds, mostly through not being able to afford to eat, but even when I got back from travelling and was out of work, I kept active, mainly because I was so bored! – using my boyfriend’s mum’s Wii Fit, taking my friend’s dog for walks and going swimming. So I kept my trim figure & all was lovely.

Now I’m working 8 hour days again, sitting at a computer all day and barely moving I’ve inevitably put on weight. Now I’m not saying I’m fat or anything, I know I’m not (and I can’t stand girls who go on about being fat when clearly they’re not!), but I would definitely like to tone up a bit again. And what with the dreaded Christmas fast approaching, with all the chocolate, Pringles, cheese, & stuffing that comes with it (I know those foods don’t actually go together, but they’re just 4 things I always eat a lot of at Christmas…) I think it’s time to take action now. After all I’m on the slippery slope towards 30 and we all know it’s more difficult to lose weight the older you get.

So I’m setting myself goals – I’m going to try to do my Davina exercise DVD (love her!) on Weds nights & Saturday mornings as a minimum each week, I’m going to go for at least a 3 mile walk every Sunday and make a conscious effort to eat healthier. I’ve also looked up some exercises to do at office desks that I can do during the day (although I might feel a bit stupid in front of my colleagues…), and once the evenings start getting lighter I’ll start going for runs when I get home (I’ve asked Father Christmas for an iPod, so that should help motivate me as well)

Anyway, so the plan is to lose the half stone. I haven’t really set a timeframe, cos really I want to keep this healthier lifestyle up forever, but if I can lose a few pounds by the end of the year that’ll be a result. If you’re trying to lose weight as well I’d love to hear from you – maybe we can help each other along!


It’s a health myth apparently. If it were true, the average man would think about sex 57,000 times a day, which would drive them insane. Well, I beg to disagree because every single man I know is insane!

It comes from a new book by an American doctor which is set to set the story straight on well-known health myths. Another myth that is that we all need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. In fact, this number was completely made up by scientists 60 years ago. We get enough water from fruit & veg and tea and coffee. This really upsets me. I don’t like water. I detest it, in fact. But I force myself to drink, or try to drink 8 glasses every day and now I find out it’s all been for nothing!

Maybe we’ve been lied to about other things too… maybe chocolate is actually good for us and help us lose weight instead of putting it on. Maybe the all-hailed Recovery Position is in fact not the best position to put casualties in, and actually all that first aid training we did as kids was all nonsense!

Well that’s it then, I’m going to stop drinking water and start eating chocolate!