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Now, normally I don’t write about Celebrity gossip – I’d rather leave that to Heat and Ok!, but I was very happy to read about Brangelina possibly splitting, so I thought I’d blog about it. I’m an avid Jennifer (Aniston) fan, so for that reason I really cannot stand the snake that is Angelina Jolie (and I’m not all that keen on Bradders anymore either…). She might have the best lips in Hollywood, but her stupid high-horse ‘I’m better than everyone, look at how many kids I can adopt’ attitude really winds me up. Whereas Jen is just lovely, in every single way 🙂

So apparently, Brad & Ang have paid a visit to some lawyers, although it wasn’t clear if it was the divorce lawyer or not. And besides, they can’t actually get divorced because they’re not married, but they do have about 35 children so there would be complications involved if they were to split.

Unfortunately, the news is that the visit was not to talk about the alleged break-up but rather to talk about their assets and what would happen should they ever break up. Rumours of a break-up had started because the couple were not seen together at the recent Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild, where Brad’s film Inglourious Basterds was nominated. To be fair though, they don’t have to go everywhere together, and babysitters can be expensive, especially when you’ve got an entire litter, so one of them had to stay home and look after them.

Anyway, so it looks like this golden couple are gonna be around for a little while longer… never mind. Go Team Jen!