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Cute Pix

Posted on: March 19, 2010

Here are two of my favourite photos from this week – a surfing alpaca in Peru & a bear cooling off in Rio.

They made me smile, so I’m spreading the love – enjoy! 🙂


This is such a cute story, I had to share it. These poor baby meerkats lost their mummy when they were just 2 days old, so they were given a surrogate mum – using a cuddly toy and a hot water bottle. The 5 orphaned pups have adapted nicely to their new mum and are growing fast.

You can’t not like meerkats, it’s not allowed. I think everyone fell in love with them when Meerkat Manor was first shown on TV. Watching the team drive around in their Suzuki Vitara 4×4 or whatever it was, finding different groups of meerkats, naming them all so we all got attached to them and then got upset when they were killed or kicked out of the group, and of course showing countless shots of them Standing Up when they look really cute. And who doesn’t like the Compare the Meerkat adverts? I don’t care how annoying it is, the guy is cute!

The newest celebrity pet craze is… Micro Pigs! Known affectionately as ‘teacup pigs’, the pint-sized porkers only grow to 15 inches tall thanks to their mix of minature breeds including Miniature Pot Bellied, Kune Kune, German Micro, Gloucester Old Spot and Tamworth. Celebs that have already snapped up a pig for the hefty price tag of £700 include Jonathan Ross and Rupert Grint.

micro_pig_1 micro_pig_2 micro_pig_3

I have to say I really really like these pigs! I’ve always wanted a pig for a pet ever since I read Charlotte’s Web and fell in love with Wilbur. But just like the little girl Fern, who had to give Wilbur up when he got too big, my parents would not let me have a pig for a pet, saying it would be too big and messy.  But these micro pigs are just perfect though – they’re small enough to keep in the house, and they are so so cute!

I’m sold, I just need to justify spending £700 on a pig…