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Talk about an exotic holiday souvenir – who the hell would pack 1000 Brazilian spiders in their suitcase?! A British would-be spider smuggler was apprenhended at Rio de Janiero airport after security X-Rays revealed 1000 live spiders in his luggage.


Firstly, how the hell would he have got the spiders in there? They must have hatched in the suitcase – gross! And secondly, why bother? Who would want to buy a, probably poisonous, spider. Imagine the security guys who saw all those creepy spiders running around! Oh god, it’s making my skin crawl just writing about it!

Now I’ve been to th Brazilian rainforest, and the spiders there are not the kind you want anywhere near you, let alone in your suitcase! I hope the “Spider-man” had secured the luggage properly incase one of the little blighters escaped. Who knows if they’re poisonous or not – I just hope he was completely brushed up on his first aid training!

The guy has been released on bail, but could face a year in prison and a fine of up to 2.3 million dollars.


It’s a health myth apparently. If it were true, the average man would think about sex 57,000 times a day, which would drive them insane. Well, I beg to disagree because every single man I know is insane!

It comes from a new book by an American doctor which is set to set the story straight on well-known health myths. Another myth that is that we all need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. In fact, this number was completely made up by scientists 60 years ago. We get enough water from fruit & veg and tea and coffee. This really upsets me. I don’t like water. I detest it, in fact. But I force myself to drink, or try to drink 8 glasses every day and now I find out it’s all been for nothing!

Maybe we’ve been lied to about other things too… maybe chocolate is actually good for us and help us lose weight instead of putting it on. Maybe the all-hailed Recovery Position is in fact not the best position to put casualties in, and actually all that first aid training we did as kids was all nonsense!

Well that’s it then, I’m going to stop drinking water and start eating chocolate!

Is it me or are there more wasps around this summer? Every time I go out for a Sunday lunch with my friends, or pop out for a nice evening drink we are bombarded by the pests who seem intent on ruining our gathering. I’m the type of person who jumps up and runs away screaming, my boyfriend on the other hand just sits very quietly and still until the wasp settles and then tries to whack it. Needless to say, my boyfriend has been stung about 3 times this summer, and I, so far, have escaped attack. wasp

Luckily, he doesn’t suffer from any allergy to wasps or bees, but it does get me thinking what I would do if I saw someone having an anaphylactic shock from a sting. I would hope they would be carrying the medication they needed to combat the effect of the sting, but someone who suffers severe reactions from stings may require resuscitation. I vaguely remember having first aid training whilst at school, but that was years ago, and any certificate I may have received must be well out of date by now. The fact that I can’t remember any of it is testament to that.

That’s why I’ve decided to book myself onto a first aid course – I really think they should be compulsory for everyone. More effort should be made to train up young people in schools and colleges, and new parents should definitely be taught first aid for babies and young children. So many lives could be saved if everyone knew a few life-saving tips.