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The latest way for employers to improve staff morale is apparently by creating office gardens. The majority of office workers work within a city centre, and as a result, usually have no contact with nature on a daily basis as they travel between home and office. So the latest craze in office space planning, is to actually venture outside and create a  garden. And if you don’t have any space outside, then there’s always the roof! That way, staff have an attractive, relaxing space in which to spend their lunch breaks and even hold meetings. Sounds good to me!

Some people are taking it even further by setting up office gardening clubs, and even growing fruit and veg to have for lunch. Nice – saving money as well as the planet!

I’m pretty lucky where I work, we’re in the middle of Kent surrounded by farms and golf courses so there’s plenty of greenery outside. And very occasionally, if we’re really lucky, some local bunny rabbits come and say hello. That’s enough to improve my morale 🙂