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Sometimes when I’m at work I wish I could escape in my own little bubble to get on with my work. The place where I work has a ratio of men: women of about 70:30, so the topic of conversation can get very male-dominated at times, particularly after a boozy pub lunch on a Friday. At the same time, the blokes complain that us girls talk to much about shoes, shopping and the X-Factor (seriously, what is the deal with John & Edward).

Now I would be well up for bit of office partitioning, with a girl’s side and a boy’s side. Us girls could decorate our side all nice and pretty, have a few plants and some posters of David Beckham and the like dotted about. The boys would probably have  the latest centre-folds up on the wall and a constant supply of kebabs the dirty beggars. But somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Shame.

I also found these Eclipse Office Partition Systems. It allows to to completely cut yourself off whenever you feel the need. They seem a bit extreme to me, but I can definitely see the appeal:


So now if you want to escape into your own little bubble you can!


Going on from the whole stress at work thing I was talking about before, I’ve found that there are also ‘feng shui specialists’ who will come in and arrange your office furniture so that it encourages good chi. I swear the world is going mad. No wonder we’re going through a recession when our bosses are playing for a specialist to come in to ‘address the flow of our chi’.

cakes I understand that office design plays a part towards staff happiness – a  cramped office that is poorly lit with no natural light is bound to piss people off, whereas a bright, well laid out  office will most likely help to motivate people. But, let’s be honest here – the reason people are unhappy at work has got nothing to do with their desks, it’s the fact that they’re at work! Do whatever you want to the office, people still don’t enjoy getting up at 6am, travelling on packed trains and tubes to work 8 or more hours in an office. But, that’s life and unless you have the fortune of having millionaires for parents, we all have to work.

There are things you can do to help improve moral at work, without having to hire a feng shui ‘expert’ – at my office we bring in cakes every so often (known as ‘cake days’) and it really does give everyone a little boost (plus a little sugar rush never hurts to improve motivation!)