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Well hello there, I trust you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year? As always, I started the New Year with fantastic ideas of diets and fitness regimes and the belief that 2010 would be the year that I finally sorted my life out, got fit and healthy. Well, that lasted about 20 minutes I reckon before I succumbed to a big fat sausage sandwich. Ah well, there’s always next year…

I don’t know why we always do it to ourselves – ‘ooh it’s a new year so I must lose weight and start exercising’, even though we’ve never bothered before. What makes us think that we’re going to get up an hour earlier on cold January mornings to go for a run? Or that after work, when it’s pitch black outside that we’re gonna go to the gym? Let’s be honest, you’re only going for the swimming pool, jacuzzi and steam room. Admit it. You haven’t even stepped foot in the gym since your induction. That £50 a month gym membership is totally not worth it.

But I actually have got 3 other resolutions that I’d really like to keep this year. The first one is: Move Out. I don’t care now if I buy anywhere or if I rent, but I have to move out of my parents house before I go insane… The second is: Learn First Aid. This is something I’ve always talked about doing but never got around to actually doing it. Well, this year I’m going to do it, I promise! There’s lots of first aid courses in Kent, where I live, so I’m going to sign myself up this week. Finally, the last one is: Learn to Dive. I’d always planned to get my PADI while I was travelling last year but I ran out of money, and time so I’m either going to do it over her, or on my next holiday (if I can afford one since I’m moving out…). Oh well, maybe next year then 😉