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So, when he’s not flashing himself on stage and pretending to be a schoolboy wizard, Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, likes nothing more to chill out with a  big fat reefer.

Ok that’s not actually true, sorry Dan. But he has been accused of smoking a joint at a party, which he has categorically denied, saying it was only tobacco. Ok, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say – SO WHAT. I don’t care what the guy wants to do in his spare time, it’s his choice. I know he’s a role model to millions of young kids, but he’s also a 20 year old bloke. Besides, so are the footballers who openly cheat on their wives, get caught drink driving and beat people up in nightclubs. And let’s not forget the other role-models, you know like Britney Spears (drink-driving, drug use), Paris Hilton (low life, scrounger), and Lindsey Lohan (where do I start..?)

If he does want to smoke cannabis, ok fair enough, he shouldn’t really publicise it, but if he wants to do it at a private party with his friends then fine. He was probably a bit stupid, because in this age of mobile technology there was bound to be a photo/video posted on the internet within minutes but that’s his choice and he’ll have to sort that out with his management/pr company.


Hermione did not look impressed with the book Harry got her for Christmas "50 ways to roll a joint"

The fact is, he’s a 20 year old bloke and he’s going to do what 20 year olds do, regardless of the fact he’s harry potter.

He hasn’t killed anyone, said a racist comment or beaten someone up. Even the (now-ex..) Government Drugs Minister said the reclassification of cannabis to a class b drug was ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting cannabis – I don’t like it and don’t choose to smoke it myself. But I know people who do, and unlike the cokeheads who fill our towns’ pubs and clubs each weekend, they don’t go around smashing bottles over peoples heads, they just sit in the corner quietly and calmly.

Maybe if we relaxed a little on the things that don’t really matter and concentrate on the things that do, we’d all be a lot happier. The fact is, with the Health and Safety brigade these days, you can’t even play conkers without upsetting someone, and god help you if you decide to eat an apple whilst driving.

My suggestion – lets all chill out