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I read with horror today the news that Squirrel Pie has become a new pub favourite. Yes, along with classic dishes like bangers and mash and scampi, landlords are serving up this ‘designer dish’ to hungry punters, and they’re apparently loving it! Describing the taste has been described as ‘like a strong rabbit but more meaty’. Hmm…

Now, I know that ‘evil’ American grey squirrels have killed off all but a few of our native Red Squirrels, and we should all hate them, but is it really necessary to kill them and serve them for Sunday lunch? Ok, so I know technically they’re just rats with fluffy tails, but you have to admit, they are pretty cute.

Luckily, at the moment it seems that this new craze is confined to eateries in the north of England, but I’m sure it won’t belong before us southerners catch on to the trend. But O hope it doesn’t happen anytime soon..  I can just imagine popping out in my Ford Fiesta on a Sunday for a nice pub lunch only to be faced with the daily special of Squirrel Pie and Mash – err no thank you!