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I read a funny story last week about a man in Australia who went out to get a pint of milk, got lost and ended up taking a 600km detour. Eight hours after setting out he asked for directions! Typical bloke. He told the police he liked to drive and  wasn’t concerned about being lost.

It reminds me of the time I was in Crete with my boyfriend. We were driving from Paleochora to Panormos. He was driving our little rented Ford Ka and I was directing. Unfortunately I had forgotten my glasses and couldn’t really read the road signs (and what with them being in Greek it was quite difficult anyway!) So this led to us taking the wrong turn and unfortunately we ended updriving through the White mountains, driving on windy single lane tracks on the mountain edge, with only goats and 80 year old farmers for company. Even they were looking at us like – what the hell are you doing here?! It wasn’t the typical tourist route – and we were obviously tourists in our hire car and pale complexions!

It all worked out ok in the end though, we finally reached a village after about 3 hours with a hand-written sign to Heraklion and everntually we came out at a main road! It was a bit scary for a while though, what with us knowing only one word of Greek – ‘kalimera’ (good morning), and the petrol gauge getting lower and lower..

Next time I’ll remember my glasses!