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Here’s a nice story for a Friday morning. A duck called Brownie was saved by firefighters in a rescue operation after she got stuck in a water pipe. Her 13 year-old owner begged her parents to get help after she heard a quack coming from their pond’s overflow pipe. They didn’t think the crew would come out, but as there were no other emergencies, they decided to give it their best shot. The team of hero firefighters dug a trench to reach Brownie and she was finally rescued 6 hours later.


Now. There are some scrooges out there who don’t think firemen should be rescuing ducks, saying it’s not a priority. Ok yeah, I’m sure that had an emergency call come up the guys would’ve left the duck to go and help out. But the fact is, it was a saturday morning, the guys were probably chilling out at the fire station playing cards.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a big fan of firemen (what girl isn’t?) so I won’t have a word said against them. When I’m out and about and I see one of their fire trucks in Kent driving around I always give them a wave. After all, these guys risk their lives to save ours – not many people could do that.