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I don’t know about you, but round my way we’ve had some crazy weather the last week or so. All of a sudden, everything’s just gone ballistic and there’s been torrential rain, thunder, lightening, and I swear a few days ago there were hailstones falling. Driving to work on Friday was like a game of chance with death, and it just continued into the weekend.

On Saturday, everything just came to a head – there was thunder in the morning, even when there was no rain (I didn’t even know that could happen), and power cuts in the afternoon and evening – out came the candles! I went round my boyfriend’s house in the evening, and one of his neighbour’s house alarms was going off, and when we went out on Sunday morning it was still going off. Seriously,  those things are more trouble than they’re worth sometimes…

Then when my boyfriend got to work on Monday morning, a tree had fallen onto a power line causing it to be pushed down to about 2 foot off the ground. He called the electricity company who evacuated everyone from the area! Lucky he didn’t try to move the tree!

What’s going on? We live in England, we’re not supposed to have wild weather. We’re supposed to have boring winters and cold summers. One day of snow and we all freak out – we can’t handle it.

So, is this global warming rearing its ugly head? Should we all run for the hills and fear the apocalypse? Probably not, but you have to admit, something strange is going on with the weather lately…