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Sometimes when I’m at work I wish I could escape in my own little bubble to get on with my work. The place where I work has a ratio of men: women of about 70:30, so the topic of conversation can get very male-dominated at times, particularly after a boozy pub lunch on a Friday. At the same time, the blokes complain that us girls talk to much about shoes, shopping and the X-Factor (seriously, what is the deal with John & Edward).

Now I would be well up for bit of office partitioning, with a girl’s side and a boy’s side. Us girls could decorate our side all nice and pretty, have a few plants and some posters of David Beckham and the like dotted about. The boys would probably have  the latest centre-folds up on the wall and a constant supply of kebabs the dirty beggars. But somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Shame.

I also found these Eclipse Office Partition Systems. It allows to to completely cut yourself off whenever you feel the need. They seem a bit extreme to me, but I can definitely see the appeal:


So now if you want to escape into your own little bubble you can!


Since I blogged about the best office design, I’ve also been looking out for weird building designs. Here are some of the best that I found – imagine turning up to work at one of these gems…

office design library crooked_office

A library in the shape of books, an office shaped like a basket and an actual crooked house. Now that’s what I call funky office design!