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I read some really sad news this morning, Cadbury’s are being taken over by Kraft Foods. The British confectioner (“maker of dreams”) has been battling the US food group for 5 months, has finally relented to a takeover worth £12 billion (or 850p a share).

I, like most other people, love Cadbury’s. Like, I really love them. When I went travelling, I bought a Dairy Milk in Buenos Aires. Big Mistake. It tasted nothing like the real thing, and was a huge disappointment. No-one does chocolate like Cadbury’s. So this story really worries me, I hope that Kraft won’t destroy what makes Cadbury’s Cadbury’s and suck all the life out of them. Hopefully, Cadbury’s lawyers will ensure they don’t get screwed over (let’s hope they have a decent law firm representing them). Kraft have a reputation for moving production abroad, so I hope in this case they leave everything where it is, for the sakes of all those workers. We’ve had enough job losses recently, let’s not have any more please.