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One of my favourite childhood books, Fantastic Mr Fox, is about to released at the cinema. I’ve heard that the plot has been adapted slightly, but I hope it doesn’t ruin the illusion of the book, which is such a classic. George Clooney provides the voice of Mr Fox, with Meryl Streep playing his wife. Other characters are played by an excellent cast, including Bill Murray, Michael Gambon and Jason Schwatzman. I’m hoping since they are involved with the film that it should be pretty good.

fantastic-mr-foxTo anyone who hasn’t read the book. Firstly, shame on you! And secondly I urge you to read this, and every other Roald Dahl book. They truely are magical books, which every child should have the pleasure of reading. I remember we got some on audio tape and sometimes the only way my parents could get me to calm down and go to sleep was by going for a drive in our Ford Mondeo in Sussex playing the tapes until all was peaceful.

Anyway, I’ve booked my tickets for later this week – can’t wait to see it!