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Last week, my boyfriend left a cheese sandwich on the passenger seat of his Fiesta Van. When he came back later on to retrieve it, he found it had been nibbled and tiny little pieces of foil were now scattered all over the van. From this, he worked out that he had a mouse, or mice, living in his van. He’s only had the van about 2 months, he got it from his uncle who hadn’t used it for a fair few months. Needless to say, a mouse has obviously stumbled across the van and decided it would make a good home.

Now, my boyfriend was quite happy to leave the mouse to live its life in the back of his van until I pointed out that the mouse would probably chew through the van’s wires at some point, which could, quite possibly break the van costing him money to get it repaired. Oh, and let’s not forget that once the mouse dies it will stink the van out. Plus, the floor is starting to get filled up with droppings, which isn’t exactly nice.

So we got a (humane) mouse trap to catch the little blighter, and filled it with chocolate and raisins to try and tempt it. But, it’s been 3 days and still no sign of the mouse. Elusive little pest – apparently the finest Green & Blacks chocolate isn’t good enough for him! Anyway, I’m sure it won’t be much longer until he gives in to temptation, and then we’ll liberate him in a local woodland.

I wonder how many other vans in Kent have got creatures living in them?