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Men DON’T think about sex every 7 seconds

Posted on: November 11, 2009

It’s a health myth apparently. If it were true, the average man would think about sex 57,000 times a day, which would drive them insane. Well, I beg to disagree because every single man I know is insane!

It comes from a new book by an American doctor which is set to set the story straight on well-known health myths. Another myth that is that we all need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. In fact, this number was completely made up by scientists 60 years ago. We get enough water from fruit & veg and tea and coffee. This really upsets me. I don’t like water. I detest it, in fact. But I force myself to drink, or try to drink 8 glasses every day and now I find out it’s all been for nothing!

Maybe we’ve been lied to about other things too… maybe chocolate is actually good for us and help us lose weight instead of putting it on. Maybe the all-hailed Recovery Position is in fact not the best position to put casualties in, and actually all that first aid training we did as kids was all nonsense!

Well that’s it then, I’m going to stop drinking water and start eating chocolate!


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