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candles Apparently there are now stress awareness courses where you learn about the everyday stresses of life and work, and recognise how to deal with it.  Gone are the days of a glass of wine or a beer after work, now we have to attend a course to ‘deal with our feelings’ and express ourselves. But it seems that there’s good reason for employers to send their staff on these courses – 14 million sick days are taken in Britain each year because of stress!

Maybe if people didn’t take so many days off work, they would get more work done, wouldn’t miss deadlines and  wouldn’t feel so stressed! Just a thought? Here’s another idea, next time you’re feeling a bit tense, try one of these – run a bath, watch a funny film, or maybe just read a book – I promise it helps!


Is it me or are there more wasps around this summer? Every time I go out for a Sunday lunch with my friends, or pop out for a nice evening drink we are bombarded by the pests who seem intent on ruining our gathering. I’m the type of person who jumps up and runs away screaming, my boyfriend on the other hand just sits very quietly and still until the wasp settles and then tries to whack it. Needless to say, my boyfriend has been stung about 3 times this summer, and I, so far, have escaped attack. wasp

Luckily, he doesn’t suffer from any allergy to wasps or bees, but it does get me thinking what I would do if I saw someone having an anaphylactic shock from a sting. I would hope they would be carrying the medication they needed to combat the effect of the sting, but someone who suffers severe reactions from stings may require resuscitation. I vaguely remember having first aid training whilst at school, but that was years ago, and any certificate I may have received must be well out of date by now. The fact that I can’t remember any of it is testament to that.

That’s why I’ve decided to book myself onto a first aid course – I really think they should be compulsory for everyone. More effort should be made to train up young people in schools and colleges, and new parents should definitely be taught first aid for babies and young children. So many lives could be saved if everyone knew a few life-saving tips.