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Where is this? Afghanistan? Iraq?… Oh no, it’s in Norfolk. Oh, and check out the cutesy ‘L’ plates –  bless!

The 8-tonne Spartan Armoured Personnel Carrier, more commonly seen fighting the Taliban, plunged into a garden fence earlier this week. It all ended well – no-one was hurt and the MoD insurers are paying for costs. Which is fair enough, as it has basically taken out the entire fence – slightly more damage than a Suzuki Swift would cause!

You do wonder how they lost control though?! I mean it looks like a fairly straight stretch of road, which shouldn’t be any trouble even for a learner driver. And come to that, don’t the army have extensive training grounds throughout the UK? So what is a learner driver doing on public roads? Oh well, it looks like they’re pretty embarrassed about the whole thing – check out the guy on the right with his head in his hands. Hahaha…