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I’m currently looking for my own flat so that I can finally move out of my parents’ home. Although it’s great to think about the newfound independence and freedom that I’ll achieve, it also brings with it a whole new world of responsibility. All the things that I currently take for granted will become my whole world (Well, I hope not actually my whole world). Like, at the moment, my dinner is waiting for me when I get home from work, my washing, ironing – all done for me, and I don’t actually contribute to the household bills whatsoever (my bad – but they never ask!!).

All that will soon change – not only will I have to make my own dinner (shock, horror :P), but I’ll have to BUY all the ingredients too! I’m sure my evenings from now on will involve some sort of housework, joy. And when it comes to bills, I guess I can say goodbye to most of my monthly salary from now on! Plus I’ll need to be sensible and make sure I save some money for emergencies, after all who knows when I’ll need to spend out for boiler repairs in Kent,. Hang on, I think I should stop now, I’m starting to talk myself out of this! Hmm… I wonder what mum’s doing for dinner tonight? 🙂