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So you would think being a gorilla is pretty straightforward right? Eat a few bananas, swing from some trees and maybe check your mates for ticks?

For gorillas in captivity these are pretty much all the stresses they have to deal with. But not so for gorillas being released back into the wild. No, they have to attend Gorilla School to learn the ways of the wild. Like a sort of gorilla finishing school, they learn how to survive and fend for themselves. It kinda reminds of the film Madagascar, when the pampered NYC zoo animals used to a life of luxury end up in the wild and have absolutely no idea how to act.

A new 12-part series starts tonight on Animal Planet, and follows 3 orphaned gorillas, Oudiki, Kouki and Tiya, as they travel from Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent to the Aspinall Foundation’s Gabon reserve. It also features Howletts owner Damian Aspinall being reunited with a gorilla he used to play with five years ago. The gorilla is now fully integrated into the wild, and has been known to attack other humans so it’s very moving to watch how they treat each other.

So watch tonight – 8pm on Animal Planet 🙂