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Talk about an exotic holiday souvenir – who the hell would pack 1000 Brazilian spiders in their suitcase?! A British would-be spider smuggler was apprenhended at Rio de Janiero airport after security X-Rays revealed 1000 live spiders in his luggage.


Firstly, how the hell would he have got the spiders in there? They must have hatched in the suitcase – gross! And secondly, why bother? Who would want to buy a, probably poisonous, spider. Imagine the security guys who saw all those creepy spiders running around! Oh god, it’s making my skin crawl just writing about it!

Now I’ve been to th Brazilian rainforest, and the spiders there are not the kind you want anywhere near you, let alone in your suitcase! I hope the “Spider-man” had secured the luggage properly incase one of the little blighters escaped. Who knows if they’re poisonous or not – I just hope he was completely brushed up on his first aid training!

The guy has been released on bail, but could face a year in prison and a fine of up to 2.3 million dollars.


I read a funny story last week about a man in Australia who went out to get a pint of milk, got lost and ended up taking a 600km detour. Eight hours after setting out he asked for directions! Typical bloke. He told the police he liked to drive and  wasn’t concerned about being lost.

It reminds me of the time I was in Crete with my boyfriend. We were driving from Paleochora to Panormos. He was driving our little rented Ford Ka and I was directing. Unfortunately I had forgotten my glasses and couldn’t really read the road signs (and what with them being in Greek it was quite difficult anyway!) So this led to us taking the wrong turn and unfortunately we ended updriving through the White mountains, driving on windy single lane tracks on the mountain edge, with only goats and 80 year old farmers for company. Even they were looking at us like – what the hell are you doing here?! It wasn’t the typical tourist route – and we were obviously tourists in our hire car and pale complexions!

It all worked out ok in the end though, we finally reached a village after about 3 hours with a hand-written sign to Heraklion and everntually we came out at a main road! It was a bit scary for a while though, what with us knowing only one word of Greek – ‘kalimera’ (good morning), and the petrol gauge getting lower and lower..

Next time I’ll remember my glasses!

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to go travelling around South America for 4 months with my boyfriend. Anyone who is considering going travelling, I say just do it! It’s the best thing you will ever do, and you will not regret it I promise. A lot of people worry about the dangers of travelling, and I have to say, I thought about it a lot before making the decision to go. I don’t think I would have gone on my own, particularly to South America where we went, but we actually met a lot of solo female travellers who were doing just fine. I think if you are streetwise and sensible, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go.

Me and Rob in the Atacama Desert, Chile

Me and Rob in the Atacama Desert, Chile

My mum gave me a St Christopher pendant before I went away. They are supposed to protect you whilst travelling, as Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelling. I have to say nothing really bad happened to us, so maybe it worked, who knows. The worst things to happen to us were a few dodgy buses, a few dodgy atms and once we somehow ended up walking through the notorious neighbourhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires on our own without a guide (if you haven’t heard of La Boca, trust me, it’s not the safest place to be, particularly for two lone English travellers!)

We did hear a few horror stories from other travellers, the worst being a girl being held hostage during carnival in Rio(!), which was pretty awful, but luckily she was fine. I think if you’re careful, sensible and keep on your guard you will be fine. If you ever get into a bad situation, there’s always someone around to help – even if you don’t speak the language very well, usually there’s someone who can speak English around, even if they can only speak a few words. Speak to other travellers, they give great advice. We wrote a travel blog while we were away, so check it out if you get a chance. We didn’t write many posts, but it gives you an idea of what we got up to.

If you’re thinking about travelling and have any questions, please send them my way – I’ll be happy to answer them 🙂