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Come On England!

Posted on: June 24, 2010

We finally managed to do it…. we WON a game. Go us! Ok it was only 1-0 and some say we still played pretty appallingly. But whatever – we’re through to the next round to meet (one of…) our mortal enemies: Germany. (Cue scary tension music)

So did you manage to get out of work to watch the game? I imagine the number of sick days taken yesterday (and today, with all those bad heads…) was much higher than usual. Me and my colleagues were extremely lucky – our lovely bosses hired a venue for us to watch the game. We all got to finish at 2.30 and change into our own clothes. Plus, there was a free bar and food laid on! Now that’s pretty cool. I have no idea how much it cost them to do all that, but the boost to everyone’s morale and motivation is definitely worth however much it cost. The team building effects from an event like that are unquestionable. Everyone had a great time, plus we won and the sun was shining – what more could you want? Companies that do team building in Hertfordshire, Surrey and throughout the UK must be loving the extra business from the World Cup.

Here’s hoping we cruise through the next round and on to the quarter finals!


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